Alaska Medical Marijuana Information

Alaska is one of the few states in America that has legalized use of medical marijuana attorney. Marijuana has been used for centuries as a cure-all for various ailments, as well as a source for food and industrial materials. If you are a current Alaska medical marijuana Information patient, or you are interested in learning more about what it means to be a medical marijuana patient, continue reading to find out more.

Alaska Medical Marijuana Information

Alaska Medical Marijuana Information

Legalization Act:

On March 4, 2999 the residents of Alaska voted on Ballot Measure 8 to legalize medicinal use of marijuana. This ballot was approved by 58% of resident voters on November 3, 1998; however, it took several more months for the ballot to become effective. Basically, this measure removed criminal penalties at the state-level for possession, use and cannabis legal jurisdiction (marijuana); however, in order to be protected under this measure those using marijuana must have a prescription signed by their physician stating the patient will benefit from the use of medicinal marijuana.

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On June 2, 1999 the Senate Bill 94 was made effective, which requires all medical marijuana patients to enroll in the state registry as well as possess a valid medical marijuana identification card. If the patient does not enroll with this registry, they are vulnerable to arrest and conviction of marijuana charges as they are not able to effectively argue the affirmative defense of medical use.

Medical Conditions Covered for Marijuana in Alaska:

While the list of medical conditions the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services has approved for medical marijuana are constantly expanding through research, as of 2010, some of the conditions approved for medical marijuana include: glaucoma, epilepsy, chronic pain, HIV/AIDS, nausea, depression, anxiety, cancer and other chronic disorders.

Legal Marijuana Possession:

The amount of marijuana a medical marijuana patient is able to legally possess at a single time is one ounce. This ounce is classified as usable marijuana, and a patient or his/her caregiver must abide by this law. Having more than the aforementioned amount of marijuana is unlawful, thus the patient will not be able to be protected under the medical marijuana law established by Ballot Measure 8/Senate Bill 94.

Legal Marijuana Cultivation:

Cultivating marijuana, or growing marijuana, may be a more economical way for patients to consume their medicine. According to Ballot Measure 8, medical marijuana patients can cultivate a total of six marijuana plants; however, only three of these plants can be matured (ready to harvest) while the other three can be in their growth process.

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