Alaska Medical Marijuana Law

If you live in Alaska Medical Marijuana Law  and have a chronic medical condition, then you can apply for a medical marijuana card. This card allows patients who have been approved by their physician to legally consume and grow a certain amount of marijuana without the threat of legal action. Below you will find important Alaska medical marijuana lawsuit laws as established by Alaska Ballot Measure 8, which passed in 1998 by 58% of voters.

Alaska Medical Marijuana Law

Alaska Medical Marijuana Law

Registration Card:

To legally consume marijuana medicinal attorney in Alaska, you must first apply and obtain a registration card with the Alaska Department of Health and Human Services. This application requires your contact information as well as a fee ($25 as of 2010) and a Physician Statement confirming a physician has performed a physical examination and approves marijuana for a treatment. To complete the application for your registration card you must have a valid Alaska Driver’s License/Identification Card, and the Department responds to requests within 30 days, no longer than 35 days. If approved, the patient is issued an identification card with a serial number and vital information.


As a medical marijuana patient in Alaska, you are restricted on the amount of marijuana you are legally able to have in your possession or grow on your property. With a marijuana card, a patient can have no more than one ounce of cannabis (marijuana) at a single time. This amount of marijuana is known as a usable amount. A medical marijuana patient may also grow his/her own marijuana plants; however, he/she can only have only six marijuana plants at a time. Take not , only three of these plants can be flowering at a single time.

Limitation Exceptions:

If a medical marijuana patient requires more than one ounce of marijuana at a time, he/she must have a document signed by his/her physician explaining why the patient needs a higher marijuana limit as stated in AS 17.35.020(b). This document must justify why the patient needs an increase of marijuana amount.

Legal Protection:

As a registered medical marijuana patient within Alaska, you are protected by law to use marijuana, and your caregiver (if applicable) is also protected under law for possession or cultivation of marijuana as long as it is within the legal amounts specified in the “Limitations” section above.


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Medical marijuana patients must follow restrictions outlined in the Alaska Ballot Measure 8, which forbids patients to consume marijuana in a public place, or in plain view of the public. Patients may not distribute or sell marijuana to a person who does not currently hold a medical marijuana card or someone who is not eligible for the marijuana recommendation. Medical marijuana patients are not allowed to medicate at their place of employment, in a correctional facility, on school grounds, within 500 feet of school grounds, at a recreation/youth center, within 500 feet of a recreation/youth center or while on a school bus.

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