Americans Are Dying at the Wheel of Illegals

Americans are dying at the hands of illegal aliens. I understand the reasoning behind illegal aliens wanting to come to America, after all it is the land of opportunity. What is so disturbing is reading articles and watching the news and seeing fatal car accidents with the responsible party being an illegal alien. Yes, many people do get killed by legal Americans, but the numbers of illegals that kill behind the wheel is greater. Let me share with you a few interesting news articles that will leave you more cautious while behind the wheel of your car. Attorney in Shelby Township
August 27,2008, archive Macomb County Michigan. News headline “Man charged in Fatal Crash”.
I remember watching the news, it was reported the man who is being charged with this accident, is an illegal alien, and was previous deported 4 times prior to this accident. This man, who is an illegal alien was driving his employers work truck. This accident killed two innocent people. The owner of the company said he had no knowledge of this man being illegal. The Sheriff stated, this man had no license to drive, let alone a work visa. Right about now, I am saying Hmmmmm.

Americans Are Dying at the Wheel of Illegals

April 04,2007 as reported on WorldNetDaily: Two teen-age girls died in automobile accident, caused by a drunken illegal alien, who was arrest the year prior for the same charges of DUI. He slammed his vehicle into the rear of the teenagers killing one at the accident, the other died after arriving at the hospital. The illegal alien, not seriously injured, and had no recollection of the accident what so ever, until he was informed he had killed two people.

Thanksgiving night 2006, as reported on WorldNetDaily: A Marine, who was home on leave, and his date, were killed in auto accident, rear ended by an illegal alien who was reported four times above the legal drinking limit. The sad thing in this story is, not only a Marine home on duty, but the illegal alien had a accident nine months prior, refused a Breathalyzer, was sent home with only citations? I thought people who drank and drive and get caught go to jail. I must be wrong. If he had went to jail, instead of being sent home, maybe this Marine would still be alive.

There are many more stories just like the ones above. Just where are these people obtaining licenses? According to one website, “North Carolina, where the requirements are weak that bus loads of illegal immigrants get on I-95 head south to North Carolina to obtain fraudulent licenses.” This quote was taken from a statement on .

The facts are overwhelming to me. I feel I have to be on double guard when I go out on the road. It is never right to drink and drive, I speak painfully about this, as I was injured badly myself in 1994, from a drunken driver. There is a reason why we need to take drivers tests. There is a reason why we need to learn the rules of the road, not just for our safety, but for others. This is why it is so maddening to read about innocent people getting killed by drivers who do not belong here, driving on the road, as they have not acquired an legal license to drive, or taken the appropriate tests and schooling. They do not know how to drive properly, let alone drink and drive, and this results in deaths.

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I just would like to say, the next time you go out on the road, please be more alert, as to who is around you. The accidents resulting in deaths happen in every state. We are losing family members to something that should not be happening. I am not sure if we try to be more cautious if it will help. I can only hope. I am not sure when these politicians are going to see growing problem without rose colored glasses on, and do something about it. Until then may God keep you and your family safe on the road.

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