California Criminal Defense Lawyers

Being accused of a crime is one of the hardest things a person and his or her loved ones can ever face. California criminal defense lawyers can help people facing criminal charges in California, whether they are accused of a misdemeanor or a felony. The justice system is very difficult to navigate, and not only does the accused have a right to an attorney, but a need for one , Criminal Defense Lawyers.
Typically a police officer arrests someone and takes him or her to the police station for questioning. It’s always a good idea to avoid answering questions unless you have secured the services of one of the many available California criminal defense lawyers. After all, the police are not on your side. The officer may be genuinely concerned about all citizens, but his job is to lock up criminals. If you are hauled in for questioning, then it is a safe bet that you are considered a potential or actual criminal.

Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you are arrested for the crime, you will likely soon be formally charged by a prosecuting attorney. This is when you really need to try to find one of the best California criminal defense lawyers available to you. Sometimes a good lawyer can stop a charge from even being filed. Once you are charged with a crime, whether it is a smaller case like shoplifting or a major issue such as being accused of rape or murder, it is more difficult to navigate the legal system and ensure your continued freedom.

Some people cannot afford any of the publicly available California criminal defense lawyers. This is where a public defender can help. When you go to court for an arraignment, tell the judge you cannot afford your own attorney. He or she will ask you some basic financial questions, and then appoint a lawyer if he believes you really cannot pay for legal services.

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Even the best California criminal defense lawyers cannot guarantee that you will not be convicted of a crime, but he or she can reduce your chances of conviction. If you are convicted, a lawyer can also try to negotiate a lighter sentence and in some cases even drug rehab, work release, house arrest, or psychiatric hospitalization. Every United States citizen has the right to legal representation when accused of a crime, and finding it is not a difficult task. Your lawyer cannot tell people your conversations with him or her, and is your best chance of escaping the harshest consequences of a criminal conviction.

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