Cannabis as Supplemental Income?

This story take s place in California but is currently being played out all over our country were Medical Cannabis is allowed.
Californian’s can now grow cannabis at home with a valid doctors recommendation. But what happens when you finish growing and you have surplus? The answer is other patience and or a local dispensary! I spoke with a woman we’ll call Jen.

She’s a single mother living in northern ca on a small property handed down to her through her fathers passing. When asked about how she made a living she smiled and said, “Medical Cannabis is all I got, my dad died almost two years ago and when he was alive I worked as a purchaser for a major computer company. The economy is shot and my business got swallowed by the competition. Now no one can find a job and literally the only way I have survived is through selling the surplus of my personal crop. Outdoors it takes almost six to seven months to see a harvest through, these days an indoor season is only three months!” She further states, “The outdoor harvest is what keeps the taxes paid and food but not much else. I’m considering food stamps soon.”

Next I spoke with a man from Los Angeles CA, who wishes to keep his name secret for fear of arrest. He owned a small security academy before the real estate collapse. He invited me to talk with him at his town home amongst his family of five!

My first question was if he feared being arrested, and how does he do it? His answer blew me away!

” I work In hospice care now and I see first hand the effects of pain and how pills have destroyed peoples systems. The state put out rules to follow if you are going to be a cannabis patient, my job as a patient is to follow those rules. That way I can be defendable when the feds decide to pic on me! I own one grow light that costs 90 bucks a month to run and in three months I make an average of 2500-3000 dollars from one surplus sale to a local club! I’m well within my rights and I’m not scared due to the fact that there are literally thousands of commercial buildings doing this on a commercial level. They have to watch what they do not me.” when asked about how he makes a sale he says,” Man it’s really simple. The first time, I walked into a club, put my bag on the table and asked for the manager! Now I simply say I’m a vendor. It’s simply about the wording. They take a look, usually testing the cannabis and then we talk price. If a friend of mine is a patient I’ll be talking to him about my crop!

These are just a few of the large number of people using Medical Cannabis to make extra money. How do you feel about California’s new venture?

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