Cannabis Grow Limits Confusing

You just got your Medical Marijuana aka Cannabis Grow Limits  now told by a  a reputable company, great and congratulations. Welcome to the legal side of cannabis lawsuits. When your doctor gives you a written recommendation, you now have the right to provide your own medical marijuana. What about the card? That card registers you locally and helps pot clubs, county or state wide verify your validity.

Simple as that. The card is nice but not needed to grow. These I.D centers offer grow certificates at times. You can request one. It’s basically a letter to law enforcement providing your information and stating your cannabis crimes lawyers is legit. Your responsibility now is to know and constantly check the current grow limit for your area. Here’s were the confusion jumps in. What are my grow limits? Why does it seems like I’m reading 2 grow limits in the same sentence? How much space can I use? Who has to Know? Were do I get cannabis plants? Will I get in trouble for this? And on and on and on! The following is a good way to approach your dilemmas.

Cannabis Grow Limits Confusing

Cannabis Grow Limits 

Believe it or not, the information your looking for is out there on the Internet. The best thing for you, is to find the information for your county specifically. If your county allows legal cannabis growing then the grow limit will be posted by multiple medical marijuana sites. Here’s what you’ll most likely find. Oakland Ca, is the only city I’m aware of with a massive grow limit of 72 plants per patient! Most county’s have adopted the 6 and 6 rule. You can own 6 immature and 6 mature cannabis plants per patient at any time. What’s considered mature and immature cannabis? There are two stages of life for the cannabis plant, the first stage is only reaching and growth. The first stage produces no T.H.C or buds.

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The second stage is all about filling out and producing bud. These stages are very easy to see an identify. Most grow limits allow a small amount of cannabis plants in both stages, so when your first crop finishes, you have another crop to take it’s place. Now on to another restriction. 25 square foot canopy. Some growers try to beat a grow limit by growing 6 huge plants that, if you wanted, could cover 50 square feet easily! Alas, this restriction states that the space covered by the canopy of your crop can be no larger than 25 square foot. Lay it out however you like, 25 sqf is the restriction for most county’s that allow cannabis growing. Some county’s go further and make it mandatory to have four walls around your grow, no matter if it’s an indoor or outdoor operation! Some other requirements may be registering your grow with your local law office or even safety inspections! I myself have not had to suffer most of those restrictions in here in California.

Please be as enthusiastic about finding YOUR local information and following them to the T. Following the rules will help you to be defended properly if ever the time calls for it. WARNING: I firmly believe even your local law enforcement needs to brush up on Medical Cannabis Law. Medical cannabis patients have at times been wrongly prosecuted in this country. Please stay legal.

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