Detroit to Host Medical Marijuana Convention

Detroit plans to host its very first Medical Marijuana Convention at the highly popularized Pontiac Silverdome. This is set to be the largest pot convention in the world.The Silverdome is large enough to host and seat over 80,000 guests and the event has a lot of activities planned. There will be plenty of vendors showcasing and selling a wide range of products and even baked goods for medical Marijuana patients. The only thing they won’t be allowed to sell is the medical Marijuana itself.
The event is causing quite a stir in Michigan, as Detroit is fighting to legalize personal possession of Marijuana this fall (which has just recently been overturned – there are talks of an appeal already). There are those who think this convention is just another ‘pot party’, which is absolutely untrue according to the event planners themselves. There will be police officers ready to enforce the law if even a lighter is spotted to put some minds at ease. The entire convention will be secured with officers and security guards walking throughout. Doesn’t sound like a frat party to me! Marijuana is simply not allowed on the premises, and only those with valid Medical cards can purchase baked goods and such.

With Detroit’s unemployment rate nearing the 50% rate, it may be obvious to some that there needs to be new, alternative routes of generating income. With many families grouping together and losing their homes, we can no longer turn the other cheek. With the cost of arresting minors for small amounts of Marijuana, Detroit had decided they wanted to go after harder criminals who are committing violent acts and harming others.

After decades of fighting The War On Drugs, will Medical Marijuana finally be accepted into our mainstream society? If we allow Marijuana to be legal, will it really stimulate the economy? With Marijuana proving to be effective for Nausea, Glaucoma, Cancer patients, and even literal pain, it is hard to deny its value any longer. The value of hemp for clothing, food, and other necessities is proving to be just as valuable as well.

To date, we are spending $41 billion (not million) dollars on Marijuana prohibition in the United States alone. Each year, Marijuana is estimated to bring in $113 billion (not million) dollars. There’s a lot of money in this industry that could very well help the US get back on its feet again. Only time will tell with this exhausting debate. The event is said to be held on October 29th throughout October 31st, bringing in Halloween with some medically infused goods for those who need them.

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