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The use of medical marijuana was the topic of a heated debate on the Dr. Oz show. “Fifteen states and Washington D.C. have legalized the use of medical marijuana,” said Dr. Oz. He further stated that the use of marijuana for medical purposes goes back well over 200 years, until the government made it an illegal, controlled substance. medical marijuana lawyer
“How many of you think medical marijuana should be legalized,” Dr. Oz asked his audience. Approximately 75% of the audience members raised their hands. “That is about the same as the national average,” replied Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz then welcomed talk show host, author, and entrepreneur, Montel Williams to speak about the issue of medical marijuana. Montel was diagnosed 12 years ago with multiple sclerosis, and is a strong advocate for using marijuana for medical reasons. “The pain was so bad that I used to take up to 8 Oxycontins a day. The drugs started to affect my health, my kidneys. Medical marijuana was the only thing that has helped me. It has given me my life back,” insisted Montel Williams.

“I have seen the pain you’ve endured,” said Dr. Oz. “Multiple sclerosis is when your immune system goes crazy, and it causes intense pain,” Dr. Oz explained to the audience. Not only has medical marijuana given Montel Williams a much needed break from the pain of his illness, it has also helped the disease itself. “I have not had one additional plaque form on my MRIs since I started using medical marijuana,” said Williams.

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“Two leading medical groups have stated that medical marijuana should be legal,” said Dr. Oz. He then welcomed two medical doctors to speak about medical marijuana – Dr. Andrea Barthwell, who is against using marijuana for medical purposes, and Dr. Donald Abrams, who supports its use. Dr. Barthwell stated that she cannot support the smoking of marijuana, and that if it is legalized, the use of it would go up, especially among younger people.

Dr. Oz asked Dr. Abrams why he supports the use of medical marijuana. “I am a cancer specialist,” replied Dr. Donald Abrams, “I deal with people who are in extreme pain, and dying. I support the use of medical marijuana because it helps them. It is an inhaled drug, just like other medications.” Dr. Abrams and Montel Williams further explained that doctors and patients should make the decisions about their medical treatment. “We want to get the government out of the doctor-patient relationship,” said Williams.

“I think medical marijuana makes sense when using it to treat certain conditions like chronic pain, glaucoma, and cancer,” said Dr. Oz. “I’ve gone to medical school to learn how to be a doctor, to treat patients, and sometimes the system pisses me off. Who should get between me treating my patient who cannot get relief any other way?” he asked. “No one,” replied some guests and audience members who support the use of medical marijuana.

“I used to have severe seizures. It was so bad that I really had no life. They even took my driver’s license. Medication was not helping me. Finally one doctor suggested that marijuana might help me,” said a female audience member. “I have not had one seizure in 8 years since I started medical marijuana. I no longer have to use it and I’ve never had any symptoms of withdrawal. I’m with Montel on this. It has given me back my life. I am a productive member of society, ” she insisted.

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Dr. Andrea Barthwell along with a few others voiced opposing views, and concerns about addiction. Dr. Oz countered with “How come cigarettes are legal when we know that tobacco is addictive, and so are many other medicines?” This was the million dollar question that no one seemed to be able to answer.

“Medical marijuana should be used to give patients their life back, not to take away their lives.” said Dr. Oz as he closed the show.

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