First Love Laid Aside

I lay here waiting for his step

As he comes down the stair

and turns the knob, opens the door

to his sanctuary.

How long I’ve waited for his touch;

to anoint my back and belly with oil;

to caress my sides with love;

to hold me close as before.

Another came into his life,

one fateful day. When I lay with

First Love Laid Aside

broken back and distended belly.

I could not utter a sound in protest.

Without voice, I watched in horror,

as he cajoled and teased another.

Gone now, that one never pleased him

as did I, in my younger days.

Once more, I alone am all he has.

Will he not now hold me close as before?

I would sing for him, in voice so sweet.

My heart cries out for one more chance to please.

Come; wipe the dust off my belly,

string me up and stroke me with fine hair.

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See what melodies lay within my depths.

Let me be your only love again.

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