How Insurance Companies Try to Pay You Less for Your Personal Injury Case – From A Shelby Township Personal Injury Attorney

Your accident or personal injury case is evaluated once all of the medical reports and records or obtained. At this point, claims adjuster will begin assessing the prevailing issue: whether or not the claims reported are related to the loss.
A claims representative will usually respond to any doubt about the injury being related to a loss by obtaining a peer review. Here, a doctor will review the claimants records and assess the appropriateness of the course of treatment, and if the injuries seem to be related to the accident. An independent medical evaluation, in which an insurance company examines the claimant selected doctor in order to give a report on their findings.

From here, multiple factors are considered:

– The course of treatment

– Extent and type of injury

– Past and future medical bills

– Period of recovery

– Past and future lost wages

– Disability period

– Were the injuries permanent in nature (PPD rating(s), scarring)

– Does the injury warrant future treatment

– The nature and cost of future treatment

– The effect of injuries on the claimant

– How these injuries may affect the person in the future

The Defendant’s witness potential is also considered and can dramatically shift the value of a case. The age of the claimant is considered along with an overall assessment of their reliability as a witness.

Each case is fact specific, but similarities occur from case to case. Therefore, an experienced personal injury attorney may be best prepared to address factors of the case. If you are near the Shelby Township, Clinton Township, Macomb, Sterling Heights, or surrounding areas, contact The Law Offices of Shaun A. Mansour now for a free consultation!

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