How to Locate a Good Personal Injury Lawyer

Dealing with an injury is quite a challenge. Visiting doctors, taking extensive time off of work, and wondering how you will make it financially are at the forefront of concerns. The least of your worries should be finding a reputable Boston personal injury lawyer. Fortunately, there are some safe steps that should ensure you hire a lawyer that is ready to handle your case. Once you have narrowed down your potential list to a few names, follow the advice listed below.


Perform a little research to make sure the lawyer attended a reputable college. There are so many fly by night colleges, school, and online classes that some people are advertising themselves as lawyers when they really don’t know what they are doing. In addition to scholastic achievement make sure the criminal crime attorney is in good standing with the state and local bar association. You don’t want to pay a retainer to someone that has multiple ethics violation investigations pending against them.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer

General Experience

The next bit of information you need to find is the attorney’s level of experience. You would like to know how long the Boston personal injury attorney has been practicing law. In addition, investigate the breadth of the experience. Has the attorney dealt with settlements? Does the lawyer have court room experience? If the lawyer has appeared in court, what type of success record does he/she have? The more experience the lawyer has in handling a case from accident to filing suit to counter suits to final court verdict the better off you will be.

Case Specific Experience

Besides general experience you would like to have someone with intimate knowledge of your type of case. Some lawyers specialize in a few select niches pertaining to personal injury. Others offer to do work for any case dealing with personal injury. If your claim involves a car accident and the attorney your interviewing only works with product liability you may have a problem. Make sure the person understands your case better than you do.

Personal View

Take note of how the attorney makes you feel when you are in discussions. It is possible that you will have several meetings and phone calls with this person. Ideally, you want to find Boston personal injury lawyerthat is best suited to the case and you like them. However, people have different personalities and some individuals just cannot get along. Try to get a feel for this before you pay the retainer.

Comments from Other Lawyers

If you know of any lawyers or legal support personnel ask them their opinion of the particular attorney you are considering. These people will have a totally different perspective than you and can provide some insight that you may not have considered.

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When looking for an attorney make sure you take your time and schedule office visits with them for the initial consultation. Lawyers typically do not charge for the first visit and this is a good chance to meet them and develop a first impression.

Continue reading to know how do Personal injury lawyers vary by state.

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