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Are you interested in the cannabis space but don’t know where to start? Allow our office to take that stress away and provide you with expertise in the cannabis space that is unmatched. Whether you are a caregiver looking to protect your patients, or a businessperson looking to make a splash in this industry, our office will provide first-class service in that regard.

Allow our office to help you navigate through the MMMA, MMFLA, and MRTMA.

Cannabis Law

Allow our office to help you navigate through the MMMA, MMFLA, and MRTMA

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Cannabis Licensing

Our office provides assistance for individuals and companies who wish to apply for state and/or municipal licensure under the MRA

Marijuana Real Estate
Cannabis Real Estate

Having trouble finding a property that is zoned for cannabis use? Our office can help

Criminal Green
Criminal Defense

Trouble with local or state police? Our office has helped 100’s of clients resolve their criminal justice problems


Cannabis Law is Our Specialty in Macomb County, Michigan

We specialize in all areas of cannabis. We have dozens of clients approved for state and municipal licenses across the state and we enjoy every minute of it!

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