Marijuana Ice Cream: Has Medical Marijuana Gone Too Far?

There’s a new medical marijuana dispensary in California, one the likes of which most people never conceived of when the medical marijuana bill was passed into law. Crème de Canna in Santa Cruz, California has begun selling medical marijuana in a unique form- ice cream.
A Potent Treat
Dubbed High Scream, the icy treat contains marijuana extract, not the actual plant. The dispensary sells half pints with clever pot inspired names like Banannabis Foster, Straw-Mari Cheesecake and TRIPle Chocolate Brownie with more flavors on the way soon. Each container costs $15 and is equivalent to smoking eight joints. Each bite is equivalent to four to five puffs of a marijuana cigarette. The dispensary also sells ordinary bags of pot for the less daring consumer.

Is Marijuana Ice Cream a Healthy Alternative?
Crème de Canna owner Jonathan Kolodinski sees his pot ice cream as a healthy alternative for those who don’t want the added health risks of smoking the drug. He also sees the unique product as a novel way to bring in business and offer more options for patients. Many medical marijuana patients don’t want to smoke the drug and this gives them another option.

Pot Ice Cream Not for Everyone
There are strict laws governing the selling and consumption of marijuana ice cream. The ice cream can’t be consumed on-site. Also, only medical marijuana patients who have a legal card can purchase the frosty treat. Kolodinski’s ice cream is so popular that he sees many return customers. He is also planning more frozen pot delights like sherbets and vegan options.

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana Infused Ice Cream Nothing New
Marijuana users have been putting pot into food for almost as long as they’ve been using the potent plant. They have been making pot ice cream and swapping recipes for decades. Just search online and you will find dozens of websites devoted to tips and recipes for marijuana ice cream. However, commercial use and sale is just beginning to gain popularity following the legalization of medical marijuana.

Possible Expanded Use
There are currently 2,000 medical marijuana dispensaries in California. This November, California voters will get the chance to vote on Proposition 19 which will decide if marijuana will become legal in the state for all citizens. The possibility that marijuana will become legal across the board promises to help this new drug laced confection explode in popularity.

Concerns about Marijuana Ice Cream
There are several concerns about this new dispensary method. Will users be as careful with their marijuana ice cream as they are with their baggies of the drug? What if children mistake the marijuana ice cream for a harmless container of Rocky Road? They would simply see a frosty treat, not a drug. Could the prescription ice cream provide an easy vehicle for abuse by teens?

The ice cream used is super premium and contains more fat and calories than regular ice cream. Many users report going back for seconds and thirds of their pint of pot as the munchies, a side effect of marijuana consumption, sets in. Could this set users of the ice cream up for high cholesterol, heart problems or other health side effects?

Has Medical Marijuana Gone Too Far?
Many medical marijuana dispensaries have branched out into selling food laced goodies. But is this taking the idea behind medical marijuana too far? Critics say yes.

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They see this as a way of making marijuana fun, easy and socially acceptable not for just medical patients, but for everyone. That flies squarely in the face of the arguments behind the legalization of medical marijuana say opponents. Taking medicine is not supposed to be fun. It is supposed to ease pain. They propose dispensing marijuana in pill form for those who don’t want to or can’t smoke the drug.

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