Medical Marijuana and Denver, Colorado

Denver is the capital city of Colorado. A very unknown factor though, is the cosmopolitan nature of the city and its roots in social change. The mountains give us a flair for the daring and new discovery of the adventure of a full life lived. If one does not live, the mountains will teach the lesson of change anyway…The corrections of the posture of the landscape called beauty, is a demanding mistress.
Denver is at the crossroads though. Do we as city and earth residents get behind this new idea of life and daring discovery or do we stay in the muddle of a dark archaic and less than true ideas of the drug culture or realization of a new birth?

One must rely then on good intelligence, logic and behavior towards an expansion or new deal.

The process or debate over the next step to legalization of marijuana of full scale use should be informed by a now pragmatic view of drugs through the new view; the culture of drugs freed from primitive notions. We as a city should be ready after time tested now mastery, of the alcohol culture which permeates our greater culture in mostly very positive ways.

Alcohol represents leisure and informed and responsible use to most Americans.

In other words Denver is posed in the position to bring that to Marijuana use with Dispensaries spotting Colfax in attractive and pleasant ways that add to the overall history and mystique of the main thoroughfare, as a viable metroplex example of urban development and excitement, for urban living renewed.

These marijuana dispensaries or beginning centers have for the most part added to the western freedom state of mind and a renewed sense of hope for uniqueness and post modern art in a sense of natures way or mountain and herb reunification, rather than abuse, secretiveness, furtiveness and denial, or the culture of submersion, submission and dishonesty in the underworld of chaos. They could be considered the first step to a marijuana subculture framed with the infrastructure for a badly needed enclave of entertainment and healthy use and knowledgeable, if not shamanic addition to cultural American know-how.

Nature is honest and forthright . If time is change then marijuana brings the Denver community and its visitors a new chance or choice at redefining and maturing our city and its ways. Somehow a new idea was brought forth correctly, Medical Marijuana legislation, without too much government interference, devised a worldly model for a healthy drug culture and cultural society as well as economic development. Denver’s downtown has not been hampered by increased crime, in fact there seems to be a renaissance of conversion—– of business, entertainment and positive social change, intermingling or beginning to. Not unlike what most people view as the luxury of having a glass Pinot with a fine dining experience.

Denver is the new capital of the new society with a maturity to go with it! It means to grow up from and with our 1960’s heritage. To expand legalization to the next level!

The real hope is to expand the community that was previously in the throes of hell, relegated to the spheres of poverty and oppression.

The new profession and career opportunities are needed for many who have been subjected to an undeveloped or untrue discounting of the relevance or relativity for a true class equality and contribution recognized, is time.

The question is, will Michigan follow in the footsteps of Colorado. What can we learn from them? Could this benefit the Metro Detroit area?

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