Medical Marijuana Positive effects

Marijuana, also known as Cannabis, Weed and Pot has been around for thousands of years. Majority of American’s have heard of Marijuana, and the stereotypical “stoner” is used to describe those who smoke it. While Marijuana can be used to get high, many people don’t realize it’s medical benefits.

In a 2002 review of medical literature, medical marijuana has shown positive effects in the treatment of nausea, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), asthma and glaucoma. Findings have also show that marijuana can help with IBS, migraines fibromyalgia, attention-deficit, autism, epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease.

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

Typically medical marijuana is prescribed to cancer and AIDs patients, and other’s who may be in server to chronic pain. Besides from being able to relieve symptoms and possibly treat conditions, there are some good points when it comes to using best marijuana lawyers in a medical sense.

Medical marijuana is not like street marijuana. It’s grown specifically for those who have medical conditions and ailments. A majority of illegal street sold marijuana now contain traces of other harmful drugs.

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With that said, Medical marijuana attorney may have some draw backs. Smoking cigarettes has been known to cause cancer. It’s hard to say if marijuana has the same risk. Unless a vaporized is used, so the smoke isn’t has hot, heat from marijuana smoke can harm the lungs. Patients who receive medical marijuana would have to be extra careful that their prescription doesn’t get into the wrong hands, like children and teenagers.

When compared to the strength, danger and addiction level of other powerful painkillers, marijuana seems to be fairly safe, and less addicting.

Continue reading to know more about why i support medical marijuana.

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