Pursuing Personal Injury Lawsuit For Eye Injury

Cars without an effective air bag and seat belt can pose risk of traumatic eye injury. The face is often Pursuing Personal Injury Lawsuit smashed onto the car’s windshield and debris can cause harm to the driver’s eye and occupants.

A severe injury to the eye can impair vision, limiting your abilities to fulfill normal daily functions. Total blindness can devastate your career goals and social life.

Eye injury can also happen at work, especially in construction and industrial sites. It can be caused by the following factors:

1. Metal debris

2. Wire ends

3. Grit from cement

4. Arc welding

5. Sparks

6. Falling objects

7. Electrocution

8. Chemicals

9. Explosions

Eye injury can also be caused by slip, trip, and fall accident. If a customer in a resort trips and injure his/her eye, the owner of the property can be held liable in compensating the loss of the victim.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

Personal Injury Lawsuit

Other causes of eye injury

1. Chemical exposure- The eye can suffer severe injury lawyers when a caustic or hazardous chemical gets into the eye through a splash or rub. Air-borne chemicals can easily transport the hazard into the eye.

2. Blunt force to the eye- If the eye sustained strong blows, it can cause personal damage lawyers on facial bones and the iris.

3. Cuts- Collision from accident can cause debris to pierce the eye.

4. Foreign Matter- Pieces of metal, wood, or plastic can enter the eye and cause infection or complications.

5. Ultraviolet rays exposure- Frequent visits to tanning salons can increase the risk for excessive UV exposure and damage the eye. Overexposure to sun and unsafe work practices in welding can cause UV eye damage.

Common types of eye injuries

1. Subconjunctival Haemorrhage- It occurs when blood vessels collapse and spread on eye’s surface.

2. Iritis- Swelling and redness as a result of chemical burn or blunt force

3. Black eye- Blood spreads on the eyelid and the surrounding skin, resulting from blunt trauma.

4. Retinal detachment- The retina detaches from the surface

5. Hyphema- Inflammation between the iris and cornea

If you are injured in a traumatic eye accident, you may seek compensation for your losses. You can file a personal injury claim lawsuit to recover damages.

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You will have to:

1. Present facts of the accident

2. Establish that the defendant has a duty to exercise care

3. Present evidence that the defendant failed to fulfill such duty

4. Establish the causes of accident, leading to your injuries.

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