Robert Maday Arrested After Intensive Manhunt

According to Chicago Breaking News, fugitive Robert Maday was arrested Thursday afternoon after getting into an automobile accident near West Chicago. The arrest of Robert Maday comes about a day after he disarmed two officers and escaped custody while being transported for a sentencing hearing in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. After escaping, Robert Maday reportedly hijacked a car and robbed a First American Bank branch in Bloomingdale, Illinois. He was taken into custody and is being treated at a hospital for minor injuries. Criminal Defense Lawyer
As mentioned above, Robert Maday, 39, was being transported to a sentencing hearing for a series of robberies when he overtook two officers and escaped. According to Chicago Breaking News, he was expected to be sentenced to 13 years in prison for a series of robberies. He has a history of criminal convictions – including robbery, kidnapping, burglary, grand theft, aggravated battery and possession of a firearm. In short, Robert Maday has a rap sheet longer than War and Peace.

But as far as we know, Robert Maday has never murdered anyone during the course of committing all the above-noted crimes. He did not choose to kill the two officers he disarmed; he did not chose to kill the woman whose automobile he hijacked. Robert Maday, to be sure, is no saint – but he’s not a murderer either, and that strikes me as rather extraordinary.

Robert Maday Arrested After Intensive Manhunt

Clearly, there are gradations of sin. To my way of thinking, Robert Maday is a hideous creep, but not as bad a person as, say, Phillip Garrido, who kidnapped Jaycee Dugard and kept her in captivity for 18 years. Phillip Garrido is a monster who should have been locked up for life many years ago.

And should Yale University lab technician Raymond Clark III be convicted of the murder of Yale pharmacology grad student Annie Le, he will turn out to be a far more sinister person than Robert Maday is. Indeed, if the allegations against Raymond Clark III are true, he will be a certifiable monster in the mold of a Phillip Garrido or Ted Bundy.

There may even be hope for Robert Maday – he just might be rehabilitated one day (though, given his history, the chances of that seem rather remote). But many argue that sexual predators like Phillip Garrido cannot be rehabilitated and therefore ought to be locked up for life – or even put to death.

Some people are bad.

And some people are just plain evil.

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Fugitive Maday arrested after police chase, crash, Chicago Breaking News

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