Royal Oak City Officials Violating Voters Rights

DETROIT – Royal Oak Michigan officials voted in 2008 with 70 percent of the vote to make legal medical marijuana. Now city officials brazen with self-empowerment and personally philosophies that are severely out of line with the majority of Royal Oak voters have voted 4-3 to ban medical marijuana outright from Royal Oak.

Not only does this breach the public’s trust in the city commission’s service to its citizens, it also prohibits legal medical marijuana users inside of Royal Oak best lawyers from having medical marijuana in their homes or in their personal possession.

How can four people violate the rights of thousands of Royal Oak voters? Lawyers not voted in to office by people devised a way of changing Royal Oak attorney so they adhere to federal law instead of state law, thus making medical marijuana illegal in Royal Oak. Such a back handed way to steal away the voters right reminds me that our local government officials here in Royal Oak are severely out of touch with the majority of the people they supposedly serve and need to be voted out of office next election.

Royal Oak City Officials Violating Voters Rights

Royal Oak City Officials 

The four people who voted yes to enact this voter violating amendment are Charles Semchena, Pat Capello, Terry Drinkwine and David Poulton, I would suggest you show up to the October 4th City Commission meeting, and speak up in protection of your rights. The meeting will be held at 7:30PM at the Commission Room, at 211 South Williams Street on the 3rd floor, room 315.

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The City Commission has repeatedly made the claim that they know what the majority of Royal Oak voters were thinking when they voted yes to allow for medical marijuana in 2008. In their amazing superhuman ability to read tens of thousands of Royal Oak voters’ minds they learned that people were under the impression that this new medical marijuana law wouldn’t mean people could grow marijuana to help other people who use it to obtain relief for their medical aliments. Obviously the City Commission has no such ability, unbeknownst to them since they still use it as an excuse to why they needed to ban medical marijuana in Royal Oak.

They didn’t do it to thwart crime relating to medical marijuana either, there hasn’t been any increase in crimes in Royal Oak relating to crimes linked marijuana; instead they decided that their personal beliefs on medical marijuana were more important than the voter’s right. Too bad for them this isn’t fascist Germany of the 1930s and they are not our Fuhrer.


Royal Oak City Commission / Agenda Royal Oak City Commission
Michigan Secretary of State / Michigan Medical Marijuana Initiative, Proposal 1

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