Two Chicago Teens Shot On South Side

The South Side of Chicago has been the home to both death and violence these past few days, especially Monday. One of these violent stories include two teens being shot on the South Side. criminal defense lawyer near me .

Around 1:30 on Monday afternoon, two South Side teens were walking down 45th Street near Champlain. One was 14 years old and the other was 15. All of a sudden, there was open fire from a silver Cadillac SUV on the street.

A Chicago Police Department report said that Lee Turner, the 14-year-old , was shot in the face and the chest several times. The 15-year-old, Marvin Dickinson, was repeatedly shot in both legs. Currently, Turner is in serious condition and Dickinson is in stable condition.

Police also said that the two teenagers were walking to a convenience store to get a drink and to then go swimming near the area.

Two Chicago Teens Shot South Side

The street where the incident happened looked like the scene of a massacre. Chicago detectives marked a total of six bullet shells. The boys’ baseball hats also still laid in the street.

The police report stated that anonymous witnesses said that they know exactly who the shooter was and that it is a known offender in the area. The two teen boys were also not gang members, but very devoted to family, friends, and school.

“Theres just been so much violence in the area. It’s no longer safe to walk the streets no matter who you are. No one wants to live like this, in fear. But what can you do? What a world we live in when innocent people, kids, get shot near their homes,” said South Side resident Lakisha Jackson.

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There were other problems in the South Side today too. A boy playing near a fire hydrant was struck by a vehicle and killed. A motorcyclist also collided with a car and was killed.

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